We’re attention grabbers, generating awareness with big, long-lasting impact. We deliver ROI and value. We focus on measurable metrics like leads, sales and revenue as well as converting your audience into customers.

Having a brand, with an engaged audience is the key to long-term sustainability in this industry. We focus on promoting engagement, by telling your story and generating ongoing narrative that is interesting, positive, insightful and actionable. From TV and print stories to coverage in targeted niche and trade outlets, our team has formed deep relationships with reporters on a global scale.

Media Relations

We understand what makes a story, how to cut through the noise and build trust with reporters. Many brands have the same challenge – to communicate a complex idea in a clear and compelling way. That is where our vast knowledge of blockchain and B2B tech PR really comes into play. It doesn’t matter whether you are pioneering a new market or operating in a highly competitive one, our goal is always the same, to apply strategic thinking to the business challenge before establishing the solution. Same applies to our media relations, we demonstrate to reporters how your solution solves the challenges faced by their readers, either today or in the future.


One of our USPs is our tenacious pitching to get your messages in front of the right audiences. Armed with a tiered media list (a list of journalists we want to get you in front of - filtered by priority) that we’ve researched and meticulously prepared, our team actively reads what they are writing, what they are tweeting, what events they are attending or moderating to maximise the opportunity for your brand and key spokespeople to build key relationships with them. We pitch regularly for interviews, demos, written comments, thought leadership placement and more.


By creating good quality, timely content then we can simply ride someone else’s wave. By commenting on a breaking story, or market trends, we can provide relevant comments or opinions from company spokespeople to reporters. Quickly asserting clients into a conversation is an essential part of any well-rounded PR program and can be extremely valuable for driving brand recognition, demonstrating awareness and expertise within target media.

Leadership Profiling

Game-changing innovators and high-performing companies need to be able to “talk the walk” — that is, explain, in language that is unique to their field and compelling to reporters, customers and stakeholders, why what they do matters and how they expect to win. Our business thought leaders regularly “talk the walk” with reporters, frequently sharing industry advice, the latest thinking on emerging trends within their industry becoming trusted advisors with a strong online presence.

Influencer Mapping

Most blockchain influencers are found on social media, YouTube or blogs, and there are key online and offline influencers for your brand to engage with. We use our tried and tested influencer mapping process to help you work with influencers in a manner that delivers tangible business results, and secure long term ambassadors that are perfect for your business.

Event Support

To make the most of your communication opportunities at trade shows and conferences, we work closely with the organisers to identify opportunities – whether through interviews, sponsorship or publicity. Further, we’ve organised some killer rountables, webinars, and AMAs with industry partners which are another perfect comms platform for delivering your message and value proposition.

Analyst Engagement

Our analyst program gets you in front of the key players that drive industry thinking. Analysts help brands better position themselves in their go-to-market strategies, messaging and sales engagement. By briefing analysts on your mission, vision, future strategies and how you fit into the blockchain ecosystem or vertical market, analysts can help decrease the sales cycle, by making recommendations to customers and advising them on who’s who in the market. They are often quoted by the media, and the more time you are exposed to analysts, the more you are kept front of mind in comparison to your competitors.




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