We’re storytellers. We connect clients with their audiences. We build their brands. We manage their reputations. And we help their businesses grow.

How? By strategising and leading many types of PR campaigns. From communicating with stakeholders outside and inside your business to top of funnel lead generation, we create campaigns with the right communications mix to transcend objectives and make a real difference to our clients businesses. But we understand different types of campaigns don’t operate in separate silos. Ensuring consistency in messaging and narrative is imperative right across the board.

Every market, every client, and every campaign is unique. We understand our clients’ markets and audiences. Our clients have been at the forefront of the blockchain narrative since 2012.

Whether tackling a complex problem, planning a monumental move, or deciding on which markets to enter, our goal-focused tactical advisory provides leaders with the perspectives and insights they need to make effective business decisions.

Profile Raising

Our campaigns build brand profiles and the personal profiles of brave, game-changing CEOs and founders. Establishing awareness, changing attitudes and resulting in action; so you are recognised and respected by crucial influencers, decision makers and your key targets - including consumers, businesses, journalists or potential investors.

Market Entry

When entering a brand new market or industry it couldn’t be more important to start off on the right foot. Our PR campaigns facilitate key introductions, essential stakeholder outreach, supported by a strategic media relations campaign aimed to quickly boost your company’s exposure and reputation, building credibility within your target market.

Product Launches

When it comes to product launches, a strong PR plan is a crucial component of a solid go-to-market product launch strategy. Fortunately, we have significant experience in key tactics of product launch campaigns, both in identifying where the product sits in the market, its USPs and the pain points the product is trying to solve, through to longer-term campaigns focussing on reviews, tying the product to industry trends and breaking news, and creatively coming up with ways to connect the product with its key audience.

Company Pivot

Innovation is a source of growth. Whether it’s a change in your business model, pursuing an opportunity in a vertical segment, or a tighter focus on fewer, bigger and more relevant offerings with potential to scale to multiple markets. Our tactical advisory will effectively communicate these changes to all your stakeholders while simultaneously attracting new customers.

Business Fundraising

PR is a critical element of a successful fundraising campaign. A holistic PR strategy can not only build brand credibility via establishing a media presence and positive validation by reporters, but the right coverage can help drive investors to your door, pushing your business fundraising campaign far beyond its initial goals.

Venture Capitalist Portfolio

To stay competitive and top-of-mind, VC’s are no longer loaning their advice and their capital, but providing actual “core” services that portfolio companies need. For VCs looking to align with a strategic PR partner to execute launches across entire funds or provide ad hoc PR support to their portfolio companies, our results are instrumental in helping early-stage portfolio companies get out of the gate quickly and emerge as market leaders.

Lead Generation

As well as delivering high quality media mentions, our results will fill your sales funnel with qualified leads. Clients have secured inbound qualified enquiries from large organisations directly from press coverage and thought leadership content resulting in trials, POCs, partnerships and more. Big wins in earned media can help elevate a brand into the consideration set of a customer who’s in the market. Features and reviews offer credibility that can move a customer closer to conversion.

Employee Relations

The most important part of any business is its people. No business can run effectively without them. Employees are also your biggest brand ambassadors. Our internal PR campaigns will keep your team engaged and informed.




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