Blockchain has never been more relevant for every industry than it is right now. We’re proud to help our clients accelerate their businesses and drive awareness of disruptive blockchain solutions and mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

We’re partnering with organisations across every sector to create leading communication campaigns.

From exchanges to digital assets to infrastructure and applications spanning logistics and supply chains, trade financing to digital identities and credentials, we work with companies in almost every category within this emerging ecosystem.

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Capital Markets

The development of blockchain technology in capital markets will fundamentally change the way financial institutions exchange value and build market infrastructure in the future. From digital banking and real-time transactions to entirely new asset classes, greater liquidity and radical new opportunities - Cryptoland supports brave, game-changing brands bringing these transformative new solutions to market.


Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) is a digital form of fiat currencies offering central banks unique advantages at retail and wholesale level, including increased financial access for all, and more efficient infrastructure for interbank settlements. Central banks are looking into, or already deploying CBDC solutions across blockchain and DLT technologies and we possess an early, deep knowledge of the space to get your message heard.


Digitisation is becoming prevalent across many sectors; especially for commodity markets – an industry ripe for disruption. From bridging the existing silos in commodity trading, tokenising physical commodities, through to an end-to-end blockchain solution for commodities trade financing, commodity markets are becoming more liquid and accessible. We’ve been creating awareness of these previously unthinkable digital capabilities that will propel industry leaders in the long term.


The decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has transitioned from a niche subsection of crypto to the industry's most profitable division. Cited as one of blockchain's killer apps and responsible for unleashing billions in dormant lending and borrowing potential, DeFi has captured the imagination and innovation of companies big and small. Our job is to share that vision with a wider audience to draw attention, foster collaboration, and scale adoption.

Diem & Stablecoins

Pegged to other, more traditional assets, stablecoins represent a paradigm shift in the way we transfer fiat globally. The market for these stable digital currencies has grown exponentially over the years. And now, the evolution of Diem looks to cement these assets into the public consciousness, galvanising broader adoption. We saw the potential early and know exactly how to put a unique spin on client offerings to effectively cut through the noise and get their message heard.

Digital Identity

Blockchain technology will usher in a new generation of digital identity management and verification that is secure, unified, interoperable, and tamper-proof with key benefits to governments, enterprises and users. We’ve been at the forefront in communicating and advocating for the implementation of digital identity frameworks – which include a new subset of decentralised identities known as self-sovereign identity (SSID).

Energy & Utilities

Blockchain has great potential for all industry segments and can affect how energy is produced, bought, and sold in far-reaching ways. We spearheaded the introduction and awareness of one such exciting use of blockchain technology - peer-to-peer electricity trading in 2017, and more recently have been leading announcements on innovative new products in environmental commodity markets.


Blockchain’s impact on the enterprise is gaining momentum, with welcomed-in public networks, open-source code and a number of other elements not seen in previous years defined by private, closed networks. Visionary enterprises are working with blockchain technology now more than ever to reimagine and redefine the inner workings of their industries.

Fintech & Financial Services

For the past seven years, we have been working with fintech and blockchain innovators, bringing their visionary products to market. These projects are generating significant growth and traction, providing more people with access to crypto and other forms of digital banking than ever before. As well as bringing traditional institutional investors into the market as the lines between crypto and banking blur. We have a deep understanding of these markets and work with reporters covering both patches.


From improving user experience and facilitating the genuine ownership of in-game assets, through to a fully end-to-end blockchain solution for games developers, artists and content creators to track and manage payments and royalty contracts, blockchain’s massive potential in the gaming industry is already being realised. We have established contacts and knowledge of this industry to get your game-changing solution recognised.


The speed of expansion of government-led blockchain projects worldwide is astonishing. Many governments are already transitioning from siloed and ineffective centralised systems towards more safe, agile, and cost-efficient structures. Blockchain-related government initiatives are helping developers and companies to develop, commercialise and encourage the adoption of blockchain technology within the most progressive nations.


The ability for blockchain technology to overcome many of the challenges and inefficiencies of the healthcare sector is something we have been passionately communicating and educating on since 2015. From breaking down data silos, streamlining medical data management, drug tracing, insurance processes and vaccine tracking, the application of blockchain across various healthcare sectors will advance the industry as a whole.

HR / HR Tech

In HR process optimisation, the blockchain will take on an increasingly important role. From empowering employees with blockchain-powered digital HR credentials, through to collating all monetary reward; pay, pension, bonuses, allowances into one data wallet that can be allocated however the employee choses, blockchain’s potential in this sector is undeniable.


Blockchain is a game-changer for the insurance industry. Traditional barriers to entry are falling and new entrants are reshaping the role of insurers today - from oracles, custodians, exchange insurance, inventing distributed insurance protocols, creating decentralized liquidity pools and insuring DeFi transactions, there are some exciting blockchain opportunities to capitalise on in insurance.


From original works of art to providing immutable proof of ownership to almost any physical or digital asset imaginable, non-fungible tokens are fast emerging from their niche in the crypto sector to find a noticeable and important position in the global market. We help our clients leverage this visibility, enabling them to stand out in this fast-emerging and highly nuanced sector.


Blockchain is transformative technology for contactless payment processing, enabling entirely new ways of managing money and facilitating payments with ease. Leading financial institutions are trailblazing the way forward, from remittances to microloans and more, blockchain technology is ushering in a more efficient and secure global payment infrastructure, whilst reducing the potential for fraud.


Legaltech on the blockchain is poised for significant growth. Smart contracts backed by distributed ledger technology will shape contracts of the future, used to verify, validate, capture, and enforce agreed-upon terms between multiple parties as the profession moves to replace labour-intensive manual processes with more accessible, cost-effective, transparent, fast and efficient systems - all while maintaining data integrity.


As blockchain technology has the power to track the lifecycle of any asset, it can help alleviate piracy of intellectual property, safeguard digital content, and enable authentic digital collectibles can be distributed across multiple channels. Some large media players have already started the journey with blockchain, unearthing opportunities to generate more revenue and develop new services as a result.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology has what it takes to transform the largest asset class in the world - real estate. From improving the property search process, expediting due diligence, transparent title management, enabling more efficient processing of financing and payments through to increased access to investment opportunities and real estate funds.


From decentralized finance to fully-fleshed out virtual worlds and NFT-tied avatars, the metaverse represents the sum of all the processes and protocols that underpin Web 3 becoming interoperable, transparent, and translatable. We work with pioneering metaverse thought leaders and builders to help them better communicate their visions and establish a sturdy foothold in this new exciting frontier.


Retailers can leverage blockchain technology to improve how they store information about their suppliers, seamlessly execute payments and contracts, and even reinforce product authenticity to prevent counterfeiting of goods. We help create awareness on how blockchain can generate additional commercial value within the retail sector and how it aligns with the overall business strategy.


From sports rights management and asset tracking, streamlining existing services, providing new and improved revenue models, through to fan tokens, digital collectibles, and even enhanced loyalty platforms. Blockchain has a lot to offer the sports industry, especially in enabling teams to unlock profitable new revenue streams and create new ways of engaging their fanbase.

Supply Chain

Transparency, traceability and sustainable trading are becoming increasingly significant in customer decisions about their supply chains. Small tech start-ups are harnessing blockchain to its full potential and bringing about transformational change in the supply chain. We’re helping share their innovative solutions, catching the eye of the larger companies who go on to adopt their technology.


Considered to be the next evolution of the internet, Web 3 refers to an open, decentralized, and interconnected ecosystem; a space where information and value flow trustlessly and autonomously between people and services. We’ve carved out a niche in the emerging Web 3 sector and possess the expertise required to ensure our client's messaging resonates within the industry and beyond.




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Future-proofing payments by integrating digital ID.




Reimagining commodities trading through tokenisation.