Future-Proofing Payments By Integrating Digital ID

Cybercrime, particularly that involving identity theft, has increased dramatically over the past two decades. The advent of the internet has ensured that very few go without an online persona these days — extending the reach of bad actors. Thankfully, as the scope of threat has evolved, so has the technology to defend against it.

With fraud and data infringements on the rise, self-sovereign identity has morphed from niche to necessity. So, when the opportunity arose to work with Nuggets, a decentralised, self-sovereign payments and ID platform, that stores personal and payment data with blockchain, so it never has to be shared with anyone, we simply couldn’t turn them down.

Nuggets is the only platform of its kind that truly brings together payments and ID. By combining a verified digital identity with a valid payment method, Nuggets solves many of the biggest problems in payments, while massively reducing the regulatory and reputational risks of data breaches. It cuts losses from fraud, false positives, and fraudulent chargebacks. It also increases revenue — all thanks to the privacy and security of blockchain technology.

Re-thinking online payments

Nuggets was born out of founder Alastair Johnson’s own experience in having his card and personal information used fraudulently online, and subsequently having to go through the tedious process of updating his payment details with merchants and service providers. On average, an individual has personal data — in the form of payment card details, home addresses, email addresses, passwords and other details — spread over roughly 100 online accounts.

With online payments constantly increasing and the threat of hacks through centralised databases more prevalent than ever, Nuggets has a user-friendly solution to an urgent problem. However, it was also clear that such an innovative application could have a positive impact across a range of sectors for a very long time, so we wanted our coverage to reflect this.

From the outset, our strategy has been to build awareness and credibility around Nuggets through press announcements, thought-leadership articles, interviews and awards. Since 2018, we’ve managed to do just that — positioning the platform within a wide variety of publications, including the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, Yahoo! Finance, TechCrunch, Forbes, Nasdaq, CoinDesk, and Cointelegraph.

Thought leadership content published on a mix of channels both inside and outside the fintech sector has led to inbound interest, POCs, and trials of the Nuggets platform from large enterprises and banks, as well as extensive award nominations and wins.

“While Cryptoland PR is well known for its ability to help companies achieve successful ICOs, our aim was different. We wanted to achieve long-term and wide-ranging coverage for Nuggets because we know how significant our e-commerce payments and ID platform will be across sectors. I’ve been extremely pleased with the work Cryptoland PR has done in helping Nuggets to achieve our goal by securing a wide variety of articles, interviews and award shortlists that have helped put us on the map.”

Alastair Johnson, Founder and CEO of Nuggets

Our trusted partnerships and results-driven work are the fuel we’ve relied upon to grow our business — a business built 100% on referrals.

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Honours and awards

Vast exposure, coupled with Nuggets’ continual innovation, has enabled us to submit and secure some of the industry’s most prestigious awards. Whether it’s for the whole business or one of their brilliant leadership team, every accolade is proof of the impact Nuggets is making.

Awards include the ‘Anti-Fraud or Security Solution of the Year’ at the Payments Awards 2018, the ‘Best Innovation in Security Management: Who has done the most to protect consumer data’ award at the FDATA Open Finance Awards 2019, and Blockchain Project of the Year’ at the FStech Awards 2019 ahead of HSBC.

It was impossible not to notice Co-Founder and COO, Seema Khinda Johnson’s genuine dedication to the creation of a more balanced playing field in the traditionally male-dominated tech industry. Her commitment to harnessing blockchain technology for greater inclusion around the world and her belief that privacy is a fundamental human right makes her a brilliant spokesperson to continue to deliver the company’s mission and values.

We work closely with Seema to elevate her profile as a BAME female leader and role model, as well as helping her to inspire more women in the blockchain space, and wider tech industry and beyond.

In 2020, Seema won the Entrepreneur category in the Booking.com Tech Playmaker Awards, as well as the Women in Payments Unicorn Challenge, and the Female FinTech Competition 2020 held by Atos, Deutsche Bank, Google & TechQuartier.

In addition to furthering the Nuggets brand, some of the award wins have led to prominent speaking slots on the global stage, including at the world-renowned financial conference Money2020.

We’re proud to have built a long-term working relationship with Nuggets, helping them pioneer SSID and supporting them with their mission of getting people aware of a new model, building partnerships, and launching systems. As we edge closer to the tipping point of acceptance, we’re excited to work alongside Nuggets helping organisations across many industries to start to see how accepting SSID can save them time and money.