Reimagining commodities trading through asset tokenisation

The commodities market is often touted as the backbone of the global economy. The irony is, while upholding the financial status quo of 195 countries worldwide, it has been less than liquid in the past. Because of the physical imposition of assets such as gold, silver, steel, and oil, liquidity posed a significant hurdle; that is until the derivatives market entered the fray.

Today, $20 trillion worth of commodities exchange hands via ETFs, CFDs, and futures contracts annually. And with that burgeoning value comes rent-seeking intermediaries. In the US, the top 5 commodity-based ETFs charge investors $300 million in management and storage fees per annum — and that’s just a single country.

Instead, new digital technology entrant InfiniGold has a mission to make commodity markets more liquid and accessible whilst removing bottlenecks, correcting supply imbalances and connecting commodity providers to the market directly, thereby reducing the reliance on costly intermediaries.

InfiniGold’s B2C white-labelled solution, CommoditiesPass, provides a gateway for B2C and B2B distribution channels, enabling commodity providers to digitise their product and distribute globally via an infinitely fractionable, cryptographically-secured registry. CommoditiesPass is an asset agnostic solution that the company is working to apply to a wide range of commodities, including silver, platinum, iron ore, steel, and more. It’s the only plug and play platform on the market to offer an on/off-ramp for commodity providers to tokenise their assets.

GoldPass: A First of It’s Kind

In a strategic partnership with The Perth Mint, distributor of $18 billion (AUD) in precious metals worldwide, and statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia, InfiniGold developed GoldPass, one of the world’s first digital gold investment apps made possible by CommoditiesPass, which facilitates the purchase of digital certificates that are cryptographically secured and backed 1:1 by physical government-guaranteed gold.

The white-labelled solution has provided a gateway for The Perth Mint to digitalise their physical inventory, making the product available to a broader, international client base, including retail, institutional, and trading partners.

The Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT), the native token of the GoldPass system, issued by InfiniGold as an ERC-20 compatible asset-backed token, saw the launch of the world’s first sovereign gold digital token, enabling users to securely buy, sell, redeem, and transfer physical gold on a peer-to-peer basis via digital certificates stored securely on the blockchain, and backed by government-guaranteed gold.

To support the launch of PMGT and generate widespread awareness of the capability of CommoditiesPass, InfiniGold looked for a specialised communications partner with deep expertise in navigating the bridge between the traditional and crypto markets.

With our well-established roots in the digital asset, blockchain and broader finance sectors, backing a company adding further value to an already intrinsically valuable asset class was a no brainer; we were sold.

Our trusted partnerships and results-driven work are the fuel we’ve relied upon to grow our business — a business built 100% on referrals.

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Since the onboarding, Cryptoland PR has played a crucial role in helping shape InfiniGold's mission.

Our well-established connections within both crypto publications and mainstream news platforms have enabled us to leverage the team’s credentials to their full potential. Via a bespoke communications strategy comprising a thought-leader programme, spokesperson opportunities, interviews, award entries, and captivating press releases, we’ve managed to place InfiniGold on the world’s stage — targeting top tier outlets both inside and outside the cryptocurrency space.

Several successful campaigns have led to exposure in Reuters, The New York Times, Business Insider, Forbes, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Livewire, and a litany of other outlets. We’ve managed to land numerous PRs by leaning on company news, market conditions, listings, and partnerships such as InfiniGold’s alliance with The Perth Mint and the subsequent creation of the Perth Mint Gold Token (PMGT) — InfiniGold’s first successful white-labelled product.

As economic conditions unwind, rebalance and shift, Jon Deane, CEO of InfiniGold, is often called on to provide insights into how the gold market is being affected and where it’s headed. Jon is a frequent contributor to top tier outlets where he contributes macro commentary and thought leadership articles delving into the benefits of adding gold to one’s portfolio and the wider impact of digitisation on the commodities sector.

This holistic media strategy has culminated in the broad diffusion of Infinigold and its numerous use cases, remould the narrative around the commodities sector and help bring its blockchain agnostic platform to a broader demographic of industry partners.